Advicent introduces Narrator® Clients powered by NaviPlan® in its latest release

July 11, 2016

The availability of Narrator Clients, along with updates to client presentations, reports, and more, are all included in the latest version of NaviPlan®, the industry’s most comprehensive financial planning tool

Advicent is pleased to announce that their newest financial planning portal, Narrator Clients, will now be powered by NaviPlan, as part of the financial planning tool’s latest version update. In addition to a variety of powerful enhancements, the marriage of NaviPlan and the Narrator Clients portal will enable a greater working partnership between client and advisor, as well as increasing communication and overall wealth management engagement.

“This is a monumental release for our NaviPlan financial planning software,” said Ted Trisco, product director at Advicent. “Not only did we make client presentations and reports even more visually-driven and easier to understand, but we also added the available integration with our Narrator Clients portal to empower a collaborative client-advisor relationship while keeping financial planning at the core.”

Below are some of the enhancements you can expect in NaviPlan 16.1.

Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan

For the first time in the history of NaviPlan, advisors can provide their clients with a new way of viewing their financial plan results with Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan. Advisors are able to set up and manage their clients with a unique username and password within the Narrator Clients Portal. By submitting delivered plans to the portal, the Narrator technology creates a richer digital planning experience that advisors can offer their clients. Clients can then analyze their results, develop questions for their advisors and gain confidence in the results presented.

The interactive client portal from Advicent offers advisors and their clients insight into their personal financial plan anytime, anywhere with transparency and security. Narrator® Clients seamlessly and proactively connects advisors to their clients throughout the client journey with 24/7 accessibility and actionable analytics. To learn more about Narrator Clients, click here.

Updated “Tracking Your Progress” client presentation

The “Tracking Your Progress” presentation provides the opportunity for advisors and clients to use the NaviPlan Presentation Module technology to collaboratively evaluate the steps taken in meeting their financial goals. This powerful and time-saving presentation now includes additional analysis for the Retirement, Education, Major Purchase and Emergency Fund goals. These tools are paired with a brand new “Change in Value of Investments” graph that makes it easier for clients to understand how their assets have changed in value since their last plan. Additionally, a convenient table summarizing all goals with their respective funding status has been added to the Retirement, Education, Major Purchase and Emergency Fund slides.

“Net Worth Timeline” client reports

This new “Net Worth Timeline” client report provides a colorful and detailed graph tracking the course of an individual goal or entire financial plan. These reports serve as great options for clients that prefer visual representations of their accounts or cash flow over time.

Other updates

  • As Advicent continues to increase advisor productivity, enhancements were made to the User Preferences > Plan Settings to allow for advisor-specific plan defaults. These enhancements cause commonly used settings in Net Worth and Cash Flow to be automatically chosen whenever a plan is created for a client. As always, these options can be individually adjusted within the plan as desired.
  • Updates were made to Morningstar capital market assumptions, risk tolerance questionnaire and scoring, and the asset classifier database for a more efficient integration.
  • Microsoft’s® new default browser, Microsoft® Edge, is also now supported in NaviPlan.

Upcoming webinars

To learn about more changes coming to NaviPlan in 16.1, we are hosting upcoming webinars that will showcase the updates and allow for questions. If you would like to learn more about any of the updates mentioned, the U.S. webinar will take place on Monday, July 11 at 12:00 PM CST and the Canadian webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 12 at 12:00 PM CST.

About Advicent

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