NaviPlan for insurance advisors

Leverage NaviPlan to provide trustworthy advice to clients and prospects alike that demonstrates the value of your insurance recommendations.

Robust insurance planning software

Quickly identify insurance gaps with simple goals-based assessments that can easily be scaled to include robust planning goals. Using NaviPlan, advisors can pinpoint insurance needs and present recommendations in an engaging, transparent fashion.

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Case study: Enterprise insurance firm

Enterprise bank case study fan

Streamline efficiency and uncover opportunities

This global enterprise insurance firm required a solution to increase workflow efficiency, balance compliance needs, and enable advisors to pursue additional sales opportunities.

Results trusted by this global enterprise bank include:


100 percent
increased prospect conversion
rates by 100 percent
40 percent
increased planning efficiency
by 40 percent
25 percent
increased revenue per advisor
by 25 percent

Demonstrate the value of insurance recommendations

The NaviPlan Presentation Module offers a collaborative approach to planning through efficient, illustrative insurance presentations. Designed to be highly repeatable, Presentation Module streamlines the planning process and builds trust with your clients.


Streamline workflows and increase productivity through our integrations and partnerships with other industry leaders.

Integrations with leading technology providers transfer your client data securely, in real time - saving you time and reducing the margin for error. Our integration with MX allows clients to import their accounts and loans from thousands of institutions. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with associations like the FPA and Garrett Planning Network provide discounts to group members.