NaviPlan APIs

NaviPlan® APIs help your company diversify itself in the marketplace by using our precise calculations to develop a range of user experiences. Build upon our calculations with APIs and tell your story with technology. Let us help you realize your potential today.


With ongoing access to our APIs through our developer portal, your team will have access to continually updated and maintained calculations. This allows your tools to become scalable with less complexities. Your digital strategy is now easier than ever with the ability to develop unique web experiences that integrate with your core technologies. Information can flow seamlessly through your CRM and portfolio management tool, which will simplify your sales funnel while adhering to a consistent customer experience. NaviPlan APIs empower your company to build a custom solution that is tailored to your brand and your vision.

Change is complicated. We make it simple.

Professional services

Advicent has been in the financial software industry for decades and has developed solutions for the largest financial institutions in the world.

With our industry insight and software experience, we can build you a customized solution that will help your company reach its potential. We offer end-to-end program management and professional developers that use the latest technology.

Customizable business solutions

Applications that institutions and FinTech innovators are building with NaviPlan APIs include: 

  • Automated goal-based investment platforms
  • Lead generation and client onboarding applications
  • Integrated financial portals for clients with access to financial plans, personal financial management, account aggregation, document collaboration
  • Advisor workstations and client collaboration tools
NaviPlan financial planning software

Financial planning capabilities

By leveraging our calculations via APIs, your company can simplify the development process by taking the complexity out of customizing your digital experience. Tell your story with NaviPlan APIs by building tools that incorporate investments, insurance, wealth management, goal-based planning, education, major purchases, advanced financial planning, and personal financial management.