Product update | A new NaviPlan experience launches April 15

March 21, 2019 by John Heinen

Image of the new NaviPlan user experience launching April 15.

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John Heinen

Chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, John provides strategic, operational, and programmatic support of our products to the greater Advicent organization, our partners, and the industry. He leverages his decades of software development and product management experience to define business and product strategies, work directly with clients in providing technology solutions, and build product and service delivery organizations that deliver results while meeting regulatory requirements.

On April 15, we will be delivering the first of several remarkable updates to NaviPlan® that will be arriving this year. This new NaviPlan experience begins with an entirely overhauled user interface, which will allow users to leverage our industry-leading planning technology with greater ease of use than ever before. Most importantly, these modern design enhancements will cause minimal disruption to the modular planning experience with which our users are currently familiar.

The new NaviPlan user interface benefits from a comparably clean and streamlined design.  This minimalist approach prioritizes plan data while avoiding unnecessary clutter and distractions.  Each page within NaviPlan is better utilized, allowing for improved optimization and responsiveness across a variety of modern screen sizes.  As a guiding principal for our interface redesign, we also emphasized greater user accessibility by increasing font sizes and color contrasts. 

Pre-19.0 user interface
Post-19.0 user interface

While the refresh greatly improves the look and feel of NaviPlan, it will have a minimal impact on how you navigate through the tool.  We have made some minor changes in the top-level and side navigation to improve usability and reduce clutter. 

A major usability improvement appears in the left navigation.  With the new design, the left navigation will be specific to the client and plan that you have open.  This clarifies how you move through the plan while reducing unnecessary clutter.  As part of this improvement, you will now access both the Client List and Alerts from the top global navigation.  

Post-19.0 plan navigation
Post-19.0 Client List & Alerts

Another usability improvement helps reduce clutter and simplify data entry. Some of the lesser-utilized fields have been moved into the Details popup. As an example, users previously could click a link that directed them to the Savings Strategy tab within the account details popup. Because most data entry occurred within this popup anyway, the link was not particularly useful. By removing this link, we can minimize clutter and improve access to information within the Account Details popup. Several very small, similar changes were made throughout the UI. Most likely, you won’t even notice the few fields that were moved; however, upon release we will share a detailed list of each of these changes for your reference.

Post-19.0 detailed fields

This visual redesign is an exciting foundation for the new NaviPlan functionality that will arrive throughout 2019 and beyond.  We look forward to sharing more information on the new NaviPlan interface in the weeks leading up to April 15, and we are equally excited to share more on expanded NaviPlan functionality in the near future as well.

If you have any immediate questions regarding the changes associated with the new NaviPlan user interface, we encourage you to follow up with our support team by calling (888) 692-3474 or emailing