Product update | NaviPlan 18.3 release

November 30, 2018 by John Heinen

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John Heinen

Chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, John provides strategic, operational, and programmatic support of our products to the greater Advicent organization, our partners, and the industry. He leverages his decades of software development and product management experience to define business and product strategies, work directly with clients in providing technology solutions, and build product and service delivery organizations that deliver results while meeting regulatory requirements.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest round of enhancements that have been added to NaviPlan. In our latest release, we have introduced client portal improvements and expanded private corporation options. You can read more about these changes below.

Client portal improvements

Account holding entry support

Account holdings can now be included in account entry within a client’s financial profile. Details such as a description, ticker symbol, and market value can be included. This change grants clients the ability to provide a greater amount of account detail and minimize additional advisor side data entry.


Disability insurance benefit entry improvement

Disability insurance benefit can now be entered as either a percentage of salary or as a dollar amount. This expands entry options for clients and can be a simpler, more accurate way to enter insurance policy information.


Financial profile workflow enhancements

Any approved or delivered client plan can now be used as the basis for a client’s financial profile (previously limited to the most recent financial profile).

Enhanced private corporation functionality

Assets entered in the Other Assets section of a private corporation can now be sold. Identical to the corporation real estate asset sale strategies, these assets can be sold by going into the details and modelling all the necessary information. The sale date defaults to last plan member death, and in certain cases will be automatically sold when the corporation is wound up.

Taxes on the sale will be automatically calculated and will be reflected within the client and quick action reports.

Additional changes

Asset Classifier search change

Due to a change in the relationship between Morningstar and the providers of CUSIP data, searching by CUSIP number has been removed from NaviPlan in both Morningstar Standard and Expanded Asset Allocation models and asset classifier tools. Searching by all other Asset Classifiers and partners who provide custom Asset Classifier data will be unaffected.


We look forward to introducing additional enhancements to the newly improved NaviPlan and its client portal in the very near future. In the meantime, current users can learn more about these latest enhancements by accessing the NaviPlan learning center.